Hello, Sailor! 
Are you up for the task of building the biggest raft in the sea?

Collect trash by clicking and build yourself a nice raft. Move camera by WSAD or moving the mouse to the edges of the screen. Right click cancels current build mode. Character follows your clicks.

Vlastimil Žemla aka Hříbeček
Slavomír Krbyla aka Pobuda
Matěj Mainuš aka Oháňka
Tomáš Růžička aka Zapékač
Zdeněk Vídeňský aka Terorista
Jiří Starý aka Stařec

Created for Ludum Dare 45 game jam in 3 days.
Theme: Start with nothing
Link to Ludum Dare page

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(93 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, build, Ludum Dare, raft, sea, Singleplayer, Unity, water
LinksLudum Dare


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Very poor pathfinding, out of 10 try, only 2 lost when attacked, the rest just the character ran into the water.

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This is where I reached,then they destroyed me :(


hey you,yes u hater!if u dislike this game then play something else,dont go writing offensive comments/hate comments here!

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My guy randomly walks off the raft and then I have to start all over and now he is offscreen somewhere in the ocean! >:/

I'd be playing this a lot if it didn't make me walk into the ocean

Great game! The art style is beautiful, and progressively building the raft is loads of fun.


Really fun game! 2 things, 1:sometimes my character walks on water when moving, and it can cause me to fall in. 2:it would be nice if i could zoom out

The cannons were really annoying when they weren't shooting but overall an interesting game! Hope you enjoy my video on it. 


I don't get it. Sometimes the entire raft just collapses for no reason.

build cannons and make sure to reload them when there is a mine



A peach? 


idk what this is but it looks good 

Cool game concept and fun 'lil game, would do good as a mobile game I think

lol the bomb always gets me,goshdanggit!

like the style and idea, great job :)



funny game i liked 



Boring and unfun.

1/10 die


the game is fun and is a perfect,stop saying the game is boring and stuff,people have their own opinions dude and who cares about your opinion stop being rude 

Very good! I would like to be able to break/subistitute an unused raft part for another, but all the other things ini this game is very cool and addicting :)


this is raft cartoon

luv this. had fun

haha i win

I love the idea. It is so simple yet so effective and so addictive. 

really good


I opened the game but it wont load fully for me.

Same here

very good

Really fun Game

its so fun in total iv played 10000000 hours realy its fun


I adore this game, and would love to see a free play mode where I could just build forever with no enemies!! Great game I've played so long


There is a super fun glitch where if you manage to trap the first enemy raft(or any enemy raft) The game can't spawn more enemies and the wind never changes so you can just sit there forever. Please don't patch this glitch it is hard to do but is really funny to see.


Help me.


webgl very laggy please export win too..

Love this game! I think if you make it into a full game adding the ability to zoom in and out, and upgrade cannons and other parts would be awesome. Once I got my raft to fill the screen it was getting a bit tough to manage.

Oh, and sometimes when you click the build items the character will move to the buttons instead of staying where he is. A minor bug, perhaps?


Funny! The controls are a bit confusing sometime. You could easily add a hard mode by destroying parts not connected to the first tile.



I like the game and it would be even better if it was updated, still I love the game the way it is



Lots of room for improvement. The raids need to be a lot more spaced out, there needs to be a upgrading system to make things better, and let us rotate the camera for better building. The blocks need to be able to be destroyed when i want then too, and try differing soundtracks.


I think I detain the world record now!

A couple of change I think will improve the gameplay.

-Pirates have to be temporized, after a bit, they have to disappear.

-Ability to destroy unused pice(maybe have the 50% refunded).

-More Interactive pice like(Harpoon, some kind of net to catch the fish or trash, steering to turn the boat and maybe an engine system).

-Some sort of "employing a pirate" system, like hire them for some gold and they will go and build for you or recharge the cannon for you.

-More boat pice, to make it prettier.

that is some dedication making that massive raft.

Definitely enjoyed this game, obviously there's a lot of room for improvement like i try clicking on say the canon and i have to go back and try again. but even just now its fairly good.

I did do a video on it but its not the best

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